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Capture the moment of inspiration with ShinHan Acrylic Colors
Acrylic colors offer the workability and consistency of oils with a faster drying time and easy water-based clean-up.
ShinHanArt Acrylic Colors provide artists with unparalleled quality and brilliance in colors to help you create your next masterpiece.

ShinHanArt provides two major Acrylic Color lines - ShinHan Professional Acrylic Color and ShinHan Student Acrylic Color.
ShinHan Professional Acrylic Color

Maximum performance and productivity for artists
ShinHan Professional Acrylic Color has a fast drying time that allows artists to quickly layer colors, each layer drying to a durable and
flexible finish.
Their ability to withstand natural weathering and corrosion makes them perfect for mural painting.
The colors are bold, intense and contemporary, and are readily mixable in any possible combination.
The heavy-body ShinHan Professional Acrylic Color creates a textured brush stroke essential for impasto painting techniques.

  • 61 brilliant colors
  • High quality ShinHan Professional pigments and acrylic emulsion
  • High degree of lightfastness
  • Fast drying time


Students Acrylic Color

High quality to price ratio for students and hobbyists
Students’ Acrylic Color is ideal for those who demand excellent results at an reasonable cost.
Each is made from fine quality pigments and has the rich body characteristic of acrylic colors.
Students’ Acrylic Color have high intensity and depth for all colors, offer good lightfastness and resist color shifts when wet or dry.

  • 12 color tube set
  • Fine quality pigments and acrylic emulsion
  • Good lightfastness