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The Perfect selection of pure pigments
ShinHan Oil Colors from ShinHanArt are carefully crafted for brilliant color,
superior adhesion, and lightfastness that minimize discoloration.

This precise formula for blending pure pigments and oil ensures ShinHan Oil Colors’ brilliance and reliability.
ShinHanArt provides two major Oil Color lines
- ShinHan Professional Oil Color
- sh Oil Color
ShinHan Professional Oil Color
A balanced selection of 109 vibrant colors for artists
ShinHan Professional Oil Color from ShinHanArt is carefully crafted and formulated for the discerning artist.
Each color contains pure, high concentration artist-quality pigments for a high degree of luminosity and brilliance.
All colors offer a rich, creamy consistency ideally suited to precise mixing on the palette.

  • High quality ShinHan Professional pigments and oils
  • A high degree of lightfastness
  • 109 brilliant colors
sh Oil Color
sh Oil Color provides a full range of 60 vibrant colors for the painter who demands good quality yet economical oil paints.
Due to a fullbodied and soft buttery consistency, sh Oil Color is ideal for use with a knife or a brush, allowing for a variety of techniques like impasto application.
The sheen of sh Oil Color may varies due to the pigments used, but it can be controlled through adding solvents and mediums.

  • Finest quality paint for semi-professional artists
  • High quality pigments and purified oil
  • 60 brilliant colors