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Transparency, Luminosity, and Richness
ShinHan Water Colors exhibit strong transparency and brilliance. The uniform spread of our water colors leaves no hard lines at the edges
of washes. Designed with accurate formulas, ShinHan Water Colors have excellent intermixing and overlapping properties that allow artists to work with a wide range of techniques.

ShinHanArt provides three major watercolor lines ­ PWC, Extra Fine Water Color, ShinHan Professinoal Water Color and SHAMI Water Color.
PWC, Extra Fine Water Color

PWC, Extra Fine Artists Water Color
PWC, Extra Fine Water Colors is crafted with the highest quality pigments and the finest high-grade gum arabic. To enhance
the clarity and depth of color, single-pigments have been used whenever possible and the usage of mixed pigments has been limited.
Using single-pigments, water colors are less prone to fading and the consistency of colors are improved. PWC offers exceptional clarity and transparency that artists desire, along with superior lightfastness to resist fading. PWC is ideal for spread techniques and color overlapping, bringing out the best in water color paper. The color palette offers a total of 84 colors that are transparent and subtle, yet intense and
vibrant, allowing for an even greater freedom of expression.

  • 84 very pure and exuberant colors
  • Carefully selected, fine pigments
  • High-grade gum Arabic vehicle
  • Highest degree of lightfastness
  • Maximum degree of transparency


ShinHan Professional Water Color

ShinHan Professional Water Color
ShinHan Professional Water Color is carefully formulated to satisfy the needs of discerning artists. Each consists of pure pigments and
high-grade gum arabic that ensure bright and lively color.
ShinHan Professional Water Color meets all the requirements of the discerning artist, including a high degree of lightfastness and adhesiveness. A high quality to price ratio makes ShinHanProfessional Water Color a great choice for artists at all levels.

  • 30 bright and lively colors
  • Pure pigments and high-grade gum Arabic
  • A high degree of lightfastness
  • High adhesiveness


SHAMI Water Color

Basic starters for students
A carefully selected palette of essential colors,
SHAMI Water Color is ideal for entry level students to explore the wonderful qualities of watercolors.
Made with pure pigments, each of the 24 essential colors are vivid and clear.
SHAMI Water Color has optimum transparency to apply a wide range of water color techniques.
High quality at an economic price allows students to be creative with just the right product.

  • 24 essential colors
  • Pure pigments
  • Good lightfastness
  • An affordable choice for students and artists