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1967 Shinhan Art originally found by Rin Han as “Haneel”
1968 Shinhan Art signs technical partnerships with Nicker Color co. Ltd.
1973 The company name changed into Shinhan Art from Haneel.
Shinhan Professional Poster Color is launched, offering a range of brilliant opaque colors for designers, illustrators and fine artists.
1974 Shinhan Art expands its Poster Color range for students.
1975 Shinhan Professional Water Colors are launched, offering bright and transparent colors for discerning artists
1976 Not only the paints, but Shinhan Art also begins to manufacture various painting accessories and easels for professional artists.
1977 Shinhan Professional Korean Colors are introduced, enabling artists to express unique oriental color tones.
1978 Shinhan Professional Oil Color is launched, offering the highest pigments to help create the most brilliant colors.
1980 Shinhan Art’s Quality Control Standards highly praised/awarded by the Korean Consumers Protection Agency.
1983 Shinhan Art appointed as Korea’s Best Mid-Size Enterprise by Chamber of Commerce in Korea.
Shinhan Art launches Shinhan permanent markers offering 83 colors.
1984 Shinhan Professional Acrylic Colors are launched conserving the color brilliance from wet to dry.
1992 Shinhan Art successfully develops/introduces alcohol based TOUCH TWIN markers offering 120 colors for design, illustration and animation.
1996 Shinhan Art continues to expand factory due to high of demand of Shinhan Art products in Korea.
Extra Fine “Premium” Water Colors (now known as PWC) are launched offering exuberant colors with maximum transparency and uniform spread.
1996 Shinhan Art becomes a member of ACMI(Art & Creative Materials Institute).
Shinhan Art launches “SHAMI”, premium watercolor for students.
2000 12 new colors were added into Shinhan TOUCH TWIN marker color range. (Total 132 colors)
Shinhan Art develops/introduces TOUCH TWIN brush markers, offering 96 colors for artists’ real brush stroke illustration via markers.
2002 Shinhan Art launches student-grade acrylic colors for those seeking excellent results at an economical price.
2003 27 new colors are added to Shinhan Professional Oil Color range. (Total 109 colors)
2004 Shinhan Art develops/introduces aluminum palette for water color containing 36 rectangular compartments and 3 mixing trays.
2006 12 new colors are added to Extra Fine “Premium” Water Color range. (Total 72 colors)
2007 36 new colors are added to TOUCH TWIN marker spectrum. (Total 168 colors)
Redesigned/upgraded TOUCH TWIN markers are introduced worldwide.
2010 12 new colors are added to Shinhan Professional Acrylic Color range. (Total 61 colors)
2012 12 new colors are added to Extra Fine “Premium” Water Color range. (Total 84 colors)
36 new colors are added to TOUCH TWIN marker spectrum. (Total 204 colors)
TOUCH TWIN marker body design is ergonomically upgraded for better grip/drawing, replacing the old square design.
2013 Shinhan Art launches renewed Extra Fine "Premium" Water Color package under new brand name "PWC".
2014 Shinhan Art launches PASS Design color, a hybrid of premium water color and gouache. (Total 48 colors)
Shinhan Art introduces newly designed package for Professional Water color.
Shinhan Art launches TOUCH Liner, offering 5 different nib sizes (in black color only).